Chapters and Communities

Iasa is built upon its communities and local chapters; architects who meet on-line and in-person to discuss the latest thinking and ideas.  Iasa has many active communities under different brands and as the pandemic comes to an end, we will be encouraging active local chapters around the world to get back in touch and meet peers face-to-face once again.

These communities also support local engagement, by architects and for architects, that encourage professional development across organizations and enable architects to perform at the highest levels within their organizations.  Tap into local knowledge and resources to become part of the largest global network of enterprise, business and technology architects.

And if you don't see something local, then why not start a new topic on our Mighty Network or Open a local Chapter?

Communities are the heart of Iasa. Some are online, some meet locally as Chapters, some collaborate to create content and articles (often by invitation only) and some focus on specific topics. Iasa supports these communities but each also has a leadership team of architects. Many are now moving to our Mighty Network infrastructrure while others use the Iasa tenant on Microsoft Teams; we know the technology is less important than getting involved, so let us know where you would like to contribute.

Iasa and Mighty Networks

We are moving many of our communities and networks onto our Mighty Networks infrastructure. This is free to all Iasa Full Members.


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Business Innovation Leadership and Technology Conference series

Did you attend one of our 24-hour Web Summits? Join the Business Innovation Leadership and Technology Conference community for access to the content and recordings. This community includes all of the speakers, sponsors and news of our BILT events.

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Certified Architect Community

All CITA-Distinguished and CITA-Professional architects are members of the Certified Architect community. This community helps drive the architecture profession and gives back by doing good, coaching and mentoring, acting as reviewers for content and as members of review board panels.

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Chief Architect Forum

An invitation-only place where leaders of architecture work together to shape the profession.

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IASA en Español

Considera este portal como el punto de encuentro de las personas de la profesión de la arquitectura de Tecnologías de la Información y la Comunicación (TIC). Un espacio creado en exclusiva para la comunidad hispano-latina, y donde queremos que puedas encontrar el contenido, la formación, los seminarios, las certificaciones, y los eventos que estan disponibles para ti 100% en Español y con la calidad que te mereces.

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Women in Architecture

Open to all and transferring to our Mighty Network - see details above - whose charter is to lead our efforts to make the profession more diverse.

Business Technology Architect Association

Join Iasa's main Linkedin Group with over fifty-six thousand members.

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Business Technology Architecture Body of Knowledge (BTABoK)

Please contact Iasa if you would like to help with BTABoK content development Contact Iasa

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Instructors Community

Please contact Iasa if you would like to become an InstructorContact Iasa

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Integration Community

With integration architecture at the heart of innovation in the digital world, join to discuss the specific integration challenges of connecting services, customer data and code.

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Further information

London Chapter

See what is happening with the London chapter. Next meeting to be announced.

Israel Chapter

See what is happening in Israel. Quarterly meetings so check your calendar.

Tamir Dresher

Japan Chapter

See what is happening in Japan. Download an English version (pdf) of the program for the Annual conference on Nov 5th.

Tetsuo Kajikawa

Costa Rica Chapter

See what is happening with the Costa Rica chapter. Next meeting to be announced.

William Martinez

Amsterdam Meetups

Next meeting to be announced.

Contact Iasa

Seattle Area Activities

Next meeting to be announced. Seattle also hosts an annual Student IT Architecture Competition; more information at or contact them at [email protected]

Contact Iasa