Chapters and Communities

Iasa builds upon its local chapters, communities of architects who meet and discuss the latest thinking.  Iasa has active chapters around the world so get in touch and meet some peers.

The Iasa Chapter Network supports local forums, by architects and for architects that encourages professional development and enables architects to perform at the highest levels within their organizations. Tap into local knowledge resources and become part of the largest global network of enterprise and technology architects.

If you don't see one locally, then why not Open a local Chapter?

Local Chapters and related activities are currently active in the following locations:

Location            About Contact            
London See what is happening with the London chapter. Next meeting to be announced. David Taylor
Costa Rica See what is happening with the Costa Rica chapter. Next meeting to be announced. William Martinez
Amsterdam Next meeting to be announced. Contact Iasa
Seattle Next meeting to be announced. Seattle also hosts an annual Student IT Architecture Competition; more information at or contact them at Contact Iasa

Global Communities (online collaboration and topic articles, often by invitation only) are also active for the following topics. These communities are also active in Microsoft Teams; let us know if you would like to contribute.

Topic/Group Contact Link to Microsoft Teams
CITA-P and CITA-S Join the Certified Architect community
Content Development Contact Iasa to join
Instructors Contact Iasa to join
Integration Join the Integration community
Upcoming Event
Architect Core - Online April 2020 04/27/2020
Integration - Online May 2020 05/04/2020