What is the Value of a Qualification or Certification

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  • Martin Sykes, Chief Architect, Executive Coach, Strategist, Author
  • Wayne Filin-Matthews, Chief Architect, Dell
  • Sharon Pillai, Senior Product Manager – Professional Certifications, BCS – the Chartered Institute for IT
  • David Slight, Account Manager, Operations, Iasa Global

What value do employers and individuals place on the variety of qualifications and certifications available? Have you considered taking one, or have one, and wondered if there was more you should or could be doing? With representation from Dell, IASA, the BCS (the Chartered Institute for IT) and people who both hire and manage roles that have specific certifications, this panel will discuss the state of the current certifications, and answer some key questions for those considering a certification: Do certifications increase employability? Are the certification routes effective pathways to identify the core skills for a role? Can certification provide a challenge to the top performers or are they entry level qualifiers?