Chapters of Iasa are already located in many of the major population areas of the world. Make sure there is no other chapter in your city. Generally, chapters serve the city they’re located in, and there will not be more than one in each city. Even if there is already a chapter in your country, that chapter may not have evolved into a country affiliate. Currently, approval for any new chapter or country affiliate is handled through Iasa Headquarters.

Executive Director

The Iasa Chapter Executive Director develops strong corporate and individual relationships to drive key chapter business functions in partnership with chapter leaders, local membership, industry and academia to deliver programs and services that support the maintenance and growth of the local chapter and Iasa Global. The executive director successfully delivers member value while developing opportunities for long-term partnership for the chapter. The Executive Director drives and supports chapter business goals as well as creation and implementation of engagement model for different professional levels of the membership group including: Content creation, Events, Member-to-Member interaction and Outreach.

Chapter Leadership

Iasa welcomes individuals with passion for their profession, the skills to lead others and the drive to give back to their community. Successful candidates that would like to open a chapter in their local area typically have some or all of the following traits:

  • Architecture Industry Influence
  • Understanding of Iasa pillars, strategy, mission
  • Passion for Architecture
  • Passion for giving back to the professional community
  • Willingness to commit time/effort
  • Administrative capability
  • Leadership Skills
  • Communication and human dynamics capabilities
  • Personal influencing skills
  • Strategic thinking and ability to translate a strategic vision into an actionable plan

Board of Advisors

Board of Advisors (BoA) members believe in Iasa’s mission to establish and stabilize the profession of Business and Technology architecture worldwide and support it locally. The BoA acts in an advisory and thought leader capacity for the chapter leadership team on various topics, programs, opportunities to help the chapter grow in awareness, reputation and membership. The Board of Advisors represents the most influential and capable individuals related to a chapter, community or leadership capacity at Iasa. These are CIOs and EA thought leaders as well as academics, government, vendor and non-vendor alike. The goal of the board of advisors is to aid the chapter(s) in developing programs that are fundamentally aligned with the needs of the profession in the surrounding community and country. They serve as both ambassadors as well as thought leaders. The leaders are not traditionally expected to contribute large numbers of hours but are more guides, mentors and thought leaders. Many BoA members come from member companies and assign working group, activist or other leadership working task to members of their own staff. Further activity is based on need, desire and availability. Initiatives of relevance include but are not limited to:

  • Knowledge/ Focus Groups
  • Government Initiatives
  • Tailored programs depending on local need/demand
  • Academia Collaboration

The estimated time commitment for a minimum to participate in the BoA is approx. 2-5 hours a month mostly on phone calls or as a part of a BoA or executive meeting or dinner.