Digital Transformation is a current phase in the evolution of business. Integration architecture will continue to evolve, unfold and enable the digital enterprise. It is the springboard for digital agility, now in the era of digital transformation and the future evolution of digital connectivity. Integration technology will eventually become the basis for distributed application development.

Iasa Global hosts an Integration community for active members using Microsoft Teams.  Contact IasaGlobal from the email address you would prefer to use and we will send you a Microsoft Teams invite. Chat soon ...



  • Digital Integration: Building a Distributed Business
    Part 1- The Integration Architect
    Describes the role of the integration architect for the digital product, the digital platform, and the operational backbone.

  • Integration Knowledge Community Started
    We are excited to build out the knowledge community, course material on integration.

  • Talk with Brice
    Chat with Brice as he pulls together the latest thinking on integration topics