Connect with a Global Community: Our first priority is you, our community. We believe in providing the right information to help you succeed and hold ourselves to the highest standards. We truly care about your work as much as you do, which is why we are here to help and support you.

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Our plan is simple; create an international community of practicing architects and allow that body to drive standards. The IT architecture profession is continuously evolving, and architects everywhere are eager to learn about the latest technology and best practices. Iasa helps make this possible for thousands of practicing architects around the globe.

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What is in it for me? If you are practicing architecture, get access to the canvas, experiment cards and other content that will help you model and help you communicate. Members can access the global community as well as connect and contribute to a local chapter.

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Latest Updates

Interview with Giarte CEO, Marco Gianotten

Outcomes are the impact on Human Beings!
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Interview with Roger Stoffers, Enterprise Architect at the Volksbank

Stop talking about them (the business) and us (IT); there is only us!
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Interview with Evidology CTO Rupert Brown

Great education in this interview with the CTO of Evidology, Rupert Brown.
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Interview with Naturgy Miguel Ángel Rojas

Miguel explains how he sees digital transformation and the role of architecture.
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The world of architecture is changing!

Focus on developing skills in building complex anti-fragile architecture.
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Iasa goes mobile

With the move to a new membership and community platform, Iasa web properties have been updated for use with tablets and phones.
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