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At Iasa we are responding to growing requests with an expanded series of online instructor-led courses to provide training options that work from home.

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Our profession is evolving so learn about the latest practices. Get access to canvas & experiment cards to model to understand and model to communicate.




24-hour Web Summit

Digital Futures July 30th


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Leading Micro-Teams in Large Scale Remote Environments

DevOps, DevSecOps and continuous delivery; we are on the move again.
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How can I be successful implementing Microservices?

the more changes you make when adopting microservices the greater your chance of success
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Why your Integration Strategy will fail to achieve Digital Advantage

Members: listen to the recordings & access content from our recent Web Summit
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Becoming Digital Transformers

Business is looking ‘owners’, ‘skin in the game' and 'leaders'
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Customer Churn Prevention - Beyond The Obvious

Identify customers who are most likely to discontinue using a service or product
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Business Architecture Best Practices with Whynde Kuehn

Techniques for founding and running a business architecture practice
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Leveraging Business Architecture to Build a Resilient and Sustainable Organization by Whynde Kuehn

Resilient and sustainable organizations and business ecosystems using the natural world.
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Modern EA for Innovation and Resilience by Paul Preiss

Architects can drive change and growth by delivering digital systems
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Why All Cloud Projects Fail

Gavin McShera discusses how we can succeed in a world when the cloud is used wrong.
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SD-WAN and the Cloud

Alex Ratcliffe cloud applications are changing the way we are building out an enterprise environment
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