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Innovation versus Technology Debt

Brice Ominski gives us real tools and techniques for balance debt and innovation.
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Machine Learning Overview by Krishnapriyan Sridharan

Understanding machine learning, use cases, frameworks and algorithms.
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Cracking The Data Science Code by Wee-Hyong Tok

Learn hands on techniques in understanding and leading in data science methods.
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Interview with Steve Chambers, Director at Viewyonder

Steve Chambers, Director at Viewyonder
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Business Architecture and the Open Group

Chalon Mullins on Business Architecture with TOGAF.
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Financial Advisory Role of a Future Digital Bank

Santanu Dutta discusses Financial Advisory Role of a Future Digital Bank.
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Member Only: People Change in Digital Transformation with Andy Ruth

Managing people change is easier with these tips and tricks.
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Becoming Digital Transformers

Business is looking ‘owners’, ‘skin in the game' and 'leaders'
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Distributed AI Systems for Optimizing Human and Machine Intelligence

Understanding how to create and deploy distributed AI systems by Mark Montgomery.
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Customer Churn Prevention - Beyond The Obvious

Identify customers who are most likely to discontinue using a service or product
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Why All Cloud Projects Fail

Gavin McShera discusses how we can succeed in a world when the cloud is used wrong.
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Iasa goes mobile

With the move to a new membership and community platform, Iasa web properties have been updated for use with tablets and phones.
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Innovate is a Verb

Scott Andersen discusses innovation and change.
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