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At Iasa we are responding to a growing number of requests with an expanded series of online instructor-led courses to provide training options that work from home.


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Our Latest Videos and Updates

Preparing for IoT

The session focuses on the importance of Systems Engineering to success in IoT Projects.
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Machine Learning Overview by Krishnapriyan Sridharan

Understanding machine learning, use cases, frameworks and algorithms.
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The Transformation of Business and Society

Looking into the digital future with Paul Preiss.
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Financial Advisory Role of a Future Digital Bank

Santanu Dutta discusses Financial Advisory Role of a Future Digital Bank.
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Business Architecture and the Open Group

Chalon Mullins on Business Architecture with TOGAF.
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Building a Large Scale API Ecology (7 videos)

A series of seven videos from our London event.
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Senior Software Architect Vincent van der Walt

Senior Software Architect Vincent van der Walt
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Is Agile Headed for a Backlash

Is agile failing as it succeeds?
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