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Architecting Sustainable Solutions by Gunnar Menzel

Posted on 1/14/2021
Gunnar will outline what the sustainability impact of IT is and how we can successfully design sustainable solutions


2021! Happy New Year from Iasa

Posted on 1/6/2021
2020 has been a hard year for the world. Read about our plans for a better 2021.


Growing the Business Using a Responsible AI by Pablo Junco

Posted on 1/6/2021
Learn why and how to use AI to grow your business, top uses cases by industry and sources of risk when using AI.


Using Technology to Make Transportation Accessible for All

Posted on 1/6/2021
Listen how Lawrence Williams and Carol Wright are collaborating to use autonomous vehicle technology to increase accessibility to transportation.


Using Business Architecture to Help Non-Profits Succeed

Posted on 1/6/2021
Mary Auer & Gabriella Tsurutani introduce the Architecting for Good (A4G) program using their first engagement as a case study.


Panel Discussion - Architecture Ethics

Posted on 1/2/2021
Let's discuss the things we should be considering and the mechanics of including them in a deliverable architecture. With Stephen Cohen, Steve Sweetman, Norm Judah and Joe Early.


Out with Accessibility - In with Inclusive Design by Robin Christopherson

Posted on 1/2/2021
Robin will explore the 'mental 180' we all need to undergo when it comes to considering accessibility in this mobile-first world. Packed with practical illustrations and demos ...


Master or Servant? Are We Humans Still Top Dogs in This Brave New World of Massive IT?

Posted on 1/2/2021
IT makes change of organizations harder, not easier. IT, by being a gatekeeper between us and reality, is starting to strongly influence what we believe, how we interact, and even what happens. Our freedom and our security are at risk ...


Destabilizing the Global Human Trafficking Economy

Posted on 1/2/2021
Partners from law enforcement, financial services, business, NGOs large and small and academic institutions all sharing what they know and using the analysis to do what they need to.


Sustainable Software Systems: Meeting the Challenge of the Future

Posted on 1/2/2021
What does ‘sustainability’ mean and how can it be applied to creating software-driven systems? What are the challenges we face when we try to create a sustainable system?


Sustainable Supply Chains and Blockchain

Posted on 1/2/2021
See how a blockchain decentralized ledger architecture is being used to enable recycling by ensuring that each stakeholder is accountable for recycling shipping waste.


Circular Business Design with Peoples Needs at the Core

Posted on 12/29/2020
At IKEA we are in a continuous dialogue with the many people in order to understand how we can stay relevant with our offers and how we best can be a partner in solving the challenges of the everyday life at home.


Change the World Together by Marc McLaughlin

Posted on 12/29/2020
You’ll learn the key ingredients to successful strategic change through forming high performing communities.


The Facebook Phenomena: A Fireside Chat with Steven Levy

Posted on 12/9/2020
A discussion about “one of the most complicated, dramatic and polarizing stories” in our time.


Panel Discussion about Conscious Architectural Choices

Posted on 12/7/2020
with Oliver Cronk, Gunnar Menzel, Nathan Allchin, Mina Frost, Bianca Garcez and Chris Lockhart