BIL-T  –   Strategy to Reality: A fireside chat with Whynde Kuehn

The Chief Architect needs to understand how to take their company’s business direction and execute it while enlisting the support and direction of senior executives. Business architecture is a relatively newer approach to capturing the strategic direction and demonstrating how to move to execution. However, there are many potential pitfalls and traps. Enter Whynde Kuehn and her new book, “Strategy to Reality: Making the Impossible Possible.” Join Brice Ominski and Whynde Kuehn on November 10th as they further explore topics raised in this book. Then, join us in the fireside chat as we explore the steps the Chief Architect needs to take to build an effective business architecture that establishes their role as a trusted advisor to the executive team. We will also discuss the motivation for this book and Whynde’s challenges as a business architecture sherpa, as she has helped evolve this discipline from its early conception to its current incarnation.

Founder and Managing Director, S2E Transformation Inc.

Director of Business Architecture, Manitoba Public Insurance

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