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Indonesia is on the cusp of reaching a level of tech-based evolution that will drive business and Government forward, increase prosperity and alter the balance of tech power in South East Asia and beyond.

What will the technological leap forward mean for Indonesian businesses, Government, citizens as well as for the data centers, cloud and colo providers, IT services and system architects who will make it possible?

DCD Indonesia 2019 will identify and bring to life the business opportunities and the challenges that new technologies and innovations are already bringing, for in-house data centers, cloud and colocation, and their clients in Indonesia.

14 sessions of powerful & thought-provoking presentations, DCD Indonesian Awards Commendations, 6 interactive roundtable discussions, 4 compelling panel sessions & debates to prepare you for the new, digitalized world and to ensure the choice of the right data infrastructure to ensure competitive advantage.

Event website: http://dcd.events/conferences/indonesia-2019