Our plan is simple; create an international community of practicing architects and allow that body to drive standards according to their current needs. The BT architecture profession is continuously evolving, and architects everywhere are eager to learn about the latest technology and best practices.  Iasa helps make this possible for thousands of practicing architects around the globe.

Individual Membership Levels

Full Membership ($125/year) provides many benefits and value to our individual members including certification eligibility.
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Students, Instructors and frequent content contributors can apply for a discount on the full membership rate. Please email [email protected] before joining; discounts are not retro-active.

Creating a profile will allow you to explore some content and access a limited selection of benefits to learn more about Iasa, the largest global, professional, non-profit association for all architects.
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Compare the benefits in the table and explore more details below.

Repository: Access to portions of Iasa's global virtual library and videos
Local education & trend-focused activities
Local Chapters: Networking & social events with fellow architects
Subscription to comprehensive up to date Iasa news
Discounts on ebooks, videos & print books
Global and local speaking opportunities
Introduction to the Iasa Five Pillars in PDF e-book format ($100 value)
Comprehensive online self-assessment ($50 value per)
Free/Discounted Online Training Modules
Exclusive discounts for industry conferences
Access to topic and knowledge communities 
including the Web Summit content and recordings
Member pricing for all local training courses
Certification eligibility & maintenance through CEUs
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  1. Chapter activities and benefits vary between chapters around the globe. Check with the local chapter leadership team for local membership benefits.
  2. Contributing Qualification for discount: Please send an email prior to registering online if you are interested in becoming a contributing member. By registering for contributing membership, individuals commit to submit at least 3 content items for the Iasa community and/or volunteer for working groups under the BoE or BoCM for the year of enrollment. Content items generally consist of written educational articles or local/virtual presentations.


Webcasts & Webinars
Iasa regularly hosts webinars and live presentations by noted industry experts followed by Q&A sessions.
Iasa Newsletter
Biweekly electronic newsletters give Iasa members the latest information regarding upcoming chapter events and activities, industry events, member discounts, articles, news and volunteer opportunities as well as news items related to Iasa education and certification.
Architecture Repository
Access to Iasa's global virtual library (the Iasa Architecture Repository) contains hundreds of articles, reusable resources such as patterns and templates, recordings of chapter events and webinars, presentations, white papers, article and book reviews. Some content requires Full Membership.

Self-Assessments (Full Members)
To determine the activities and resources most beneficial for you at this point in your career, Iasa has created an online self-assessment based on the “Five Pillars”. You can download the results in CSV format.

Non Members pay $50 per assessment.

Note: Bulk rates for Corporate Assessments are also available.

Introduction to the Iasa Five Pillars 
The Five Pillars are a collection of 42 skills that support proven Architecture best practices, originally collated by successful BT Architects globally, organized as: Business Technology Strategy, Technology Environment, Quality Attributes, Design, and Human Dynamics. 

Full Members can download a PDF.

Non-members can purchase and download the PDF for $100.

Certification (Full Members)
Full members are eligible and able to maintain certification through CEUs.


Local Chapter InformationLocal Chapters
Interact directly with other architects through meetings and expert panels at an Iasa chapter event nearest you. In addition to regular chapter events, chapters organize annual conferences (ITARC), promote student competitions and offer access to tailored chapter programs: Research, knowledge, and special interest groups, CTO/CIO forums, collaboration with academia, participation in STEM activities and much more. So join a networking or social event with fellow architects near you.


Global and Local Speaking Opportunities
From webinars to conferences, local chapter meetings to regional summits, Iasa provides a platform for Architects of all types to present and discuss the latest ideas and thinking.
Visibility and Recognition
As well as IRL, Iasa gives members the opportunity to publish their opinions and ideas through articles, white papers, virtual presentations or book reviews. Please contact us to be considered as a content contributor.
As well as online blogs and infrastructure to support our local Chapters, Full Members can also host or access topic and knowledge communities with others by invitation.