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BIL-T Building an Impactful Strategic Roadmap - BRIAN LETORT

Enterprise strategies are documented, communicated, and executed through strategic roadmaps. These critical artifacts bridge the gap between strategic visions and actionable initiatives. During this session, impactful strategic roadmap...
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BIL-T Multi-cloud – the new architecture challenge?

Multi-cloud is the topic of the day and is driving a lot of architecture decisions. This session will look at the approaches that have been taken, considers development and operational challenges and ways to solve them...
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BIL-T Ingredients of a Successful Microservice Platform Strategy

Ever since microservices came into vogue, companies have applied this popular architectural pattern with varying degrees of success. However, many times these efforts have failed spectacularly, often resulting...
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BIL-T Architect your Organization : Extreme Ownership & Conway’s Law

Enterprise Architecture as a linchpin for High Performing, High Growth, and Innovative Organizations In this session we will discuss: Organization Structure and alignment using end to end architecture-based domain centric capabilities...
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BIL-T Architecting for API’s - ERIC KARSTEN

Creating the right environment for API management is now core to modern data architectures. This session will review what Ford has done to mature their API environment and how architecture teams take advantage of that capability...
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BIL-T Being a consulting Chief Architect - STEPHEN COHEN

Being a consultanting Chief Architect is weird. Everything is fluid. You may have teams of architects deeply integrated into the program...
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BIL-T ReImagine architecture enabling Agility, experience and business value at scale

We have already seen a seismic shift in employee’s ways of working and how customers interact with enterprises post-COVID...
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BIL-T Hey Chief Architects, does your architecture deliver real business value?

Organizations designed to pivot rapidly can accelerate investment, strengthen their resiliency, quickly scale, and meet the digital world’s furious pace of change...
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BIL-T Chief Architect Roundtable

The hosts, Grant Ecker, Chief Architecture Forum(CAF), Paul Preiss, CEO & Founder of IASA, Mike Fortuna will host to be announced members of the CAF including Whynde Kuehn, Chair of WIA / founder of S2E, Linda Finley, CA at Cargill, Geeta Pyne...
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BIL-T The Cycle of Resetting EA Orgs - MOHAMMAD ARSHAD

Research tells us that 70%+ of companies are currently considering or actively in the process of resetting their EA practices. Let’s discuss the trend across several Chief Architect leaders...
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BIL-T: ​Garima Singh – Achieving success with automation in enterprise ...

Talk will focus on Garima’s experience and journey in executing company wide digital transformation, in decentralized and globally distributed big size enterprises, with help of automated version of enterprise architecture.
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BIL-T Strategy to Reality: A fireside chat with Whynde Kuehn

The Chief Architect needs to understand how to take their company’s business direction and execute it while enlisting the support and direction of senior executives. Business architecture is a relatively newer approach to capturing the strategic...
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BIL-T: ​Jason Baragry – Showing the value of your business-oriented Enterprise Architecture team

Enterprise architecture teams struggle to quantify the benefits they provide to their organizations. They also struggle to build a business case to either establish, expand, or maintain their teams...
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BIL-T - Ben Wright-Jones: Data challenges, past present and future

Our technology landscape is evolving rapidly, and new architecture patterns are constantly emerging to support increasing need for business agility and innovation. In this session, I will take you on a tour of our data past, data present and data...
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BIL-T Chief Architect - Grant Ecker

Let’s dig into the misconceptions and the realities of the role of the Chief Architect. We’ll talk about what is required to perform the role in terms of culture, people and technology leadership.
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BIL-T - Women in Architecture Kickoff Panel

As organizations navigate some of the most massive shifts in history in our globally connected and increasingly digital world, the role of enterprise architecture has never been more critical...
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BIL-T Business Architecture: Today and Tomorrow - Suleiman Barada

The sessions discusses the benefits that can be reaped when business architecture is promoted for adoption across business networks such as trade associations, unions, etc. When business architecture becomes the common language...
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BIL-T Business Architecture: Today and Tomorrow - Whynde Kuehn

Business architecture is continuing to gain traction for its role in translating strategy into reality and helping organizations to transform, make better decisions, and design for the future...
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BIL-T Business Architecture: Today and Tomorrow - Terry Roach

This session will provide you with an overview of how Business Value Engineering helps align stakeholders and delivers the basis for successful change efforts...
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BIL-T Business Architecture: Today and Tomorrow - Michael Arulfo

This session will focus on how enterprise architecture and business architecture practices are converging with product management...
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