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Making Architecture and BRMs Successful

I regularly get asked to describe the optimal relationship between the business relationship manager (BRM, also known as client service directors, customer account managers, etc.) and architects, especially as business architecture continues to grow in adoption. Of course my first answer is a resounding "it depends", but then I help organizations clarify. The BRM is

10 Ways to Support Your Business Strategy and Get Recognized

by Paul T Preiss The most common issue that enterprise and technology architects face is lack of value perception in business AND technology arenas. The team is often considered overhead by both groups. The business doesn't understand the value that architects add and the technologists resent the architect getting in the way and slowing down the

The Failure of the Modern Project and How We Fix It

We know how to deliver technology and business projects. Success rates quoted in industry vary from 50 to 75% when measured by the 'big three'; time, cost and requirements. And while we bemoan those statistics regularly they are really quite high. Marketing campaigns, sales campaigns and other programs are much less sure bets. And yet, the

Business Architecture is Exciting!

Iasa January eSummit presenter, Whynde Kuehn, talks about why Business Architecture is so exciting! See Whynde Kuehn and other industry experts discuss Business Architecture at Iasa's eSummit on January 20. Register here: Iasa January eSummit Registration The complete interview is available for Full Members.


by Whynde Kuehn Business architecture is becoming a critical discipline for bridging the gap between strategy and execution. As a result, many organizations are establishing their own internal business architecture practices. For some, this can be a long and turbulent journey. I have had the pleasure and honor to work alongside many companies over the

Business Architecture: Setting the Record Straight

William Ulrich, TSG, Inc., USA Whynde Kuehn, S2E Consulting Inc., USA An Introduction to Business Architecture Business architecture is drawing significant interest from a wide variety of organizations worldwide. Yet business architecture is often misperceived as to its uses, origins, and value proposition. These misperceptions are the biggest barrier to adoption, because it prevents businesses

5 Questions to Ask About Your Information

by ARSALAN KHAN Information collection, understanding and sharing has been a worthwhile pursuit since the dawn of humanity. At the beginning, now and in the foreseeable future this pursuit will continue, even if the “tools” change. We will continue to use information to make short-term and long-term decisions for our groups and ourselves. But depending

35 Concepts that Affect Organizational Transformation Efforts

by ARSALAN KHAN Organizational transformation entails understanding where the organization is today and where it wants to be in the future in terms of people, products/services, processes and technologies. In order to accomplish this transformation, we have to determine the organization’s ‘eligibility’ by assessing its strategy, politics, innovation, culture and execution (SPICE) factors. The SPICE