July 24-hour Web Summit

July 24-hour Web Summit
Join our round-the-world, 24-hour Modern EA Web Summit starting 9am US-Central on July 30th.

The Business Innovation Leadership and Technology (BILT) conference series is a place for global conversations and debate on big picture perspectives and how to make a better future for our organizations. The event covers a wide range of relevant and visionary topics and brings together the people who are designing the future: architects, business and technology leaders, futurists and other world changers.

We hold 24-hour virtual events at least twice per year, delivered through a variety of formats including keynotes, locknotes, motivational and leadership talks, interviews, fireside chats, panels, debates, lectures and educational sessions. This is an event you want to stay up for. .

The theme for our 30 July 24-hour event is Digital Business: Designing the Future. With the backdrop of the accelerating digital transformation of our world, and as a result of the pandemic, a new ability to question our assumptions, we have an opportunity to step back and reimagine a better future. The intent of our 30 July BILT conference is to bring together futurists, thought leaders, and architects to explore a vision for how organizations should look and behave in our rapidly changing world. Example topics include:

  • Digital business and operating models
  • The future of work, distributed teams and the augmented worker
  • Digital technologies and related topics such as the future of cloud
  • A greater focus on ecosystems and social responsibility
  • Building organizational resilience and adaptability
  • Future directions and vision by industry (e.g., finance, health care, retail, government)
  • And much more ...

Speakers are yet to be confirmed but once they are, Iasa Members can click here to visit our member-only community to connect directly with the speakers to pose questions to be answered as well as have access to the session content and the recordings as they are posted.

Topic selection this month by our three guest editors (click for their LinkedIn profiles):

 Whynde Kuehn, Founder and Managing Director, S2E Transformation Inc.

 Brice Ominski, Principal IT Architect

 Darryl Carr, Architect and Editor of the Enterprise Architecture Professional Journal



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7/30/2020 9:00 AM - 7/31/2020 9:00 AM
Central Daylight Time
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