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Certified IT Architect Specialist


The CITA-S certification will enhance the credibility and capability of successful candidates and provide assurance to employers that CITA-Specialist are able to practice as successful architects, though not on projects or programs as large as those requiring a CITA-Professional. It will also better align with the requirements to enter the following CITA-Professional level of certification.

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The CITA-S certification is an experienced based interview (held online or in person) which reviews the candidates industry experience. A CITA-Associate level certification is HIGHLY recommended prior to registering for this certification.


The CITA-Associate level certificate is highly recommended but not mandatory. Extensive documentation is required prior to being scheduled to sit this review board.

  • Module 1: Completed at least 3 mentor sessions (Iasa can assign a mentor upon registration)
  • Module 2: Completed documentation set
  • Module 3: Attend the scheduled review board session

Exam Specifics

The CITA-S credential is achieved by passing a board of your peers who have obtained the CITA-S level or higher already. The actual board logistics follow this deployment:

1 hour review board session (online or onsite – depends on Chapter bootstrapping availability)

a. 30 minute presentation given by candidate

b. 15 minute Q&A Session on documentation provided and PowerPoint

c. 15 minute final Q&A session

Decision conveyed by Iasa within 48 hours of review board.