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Certified IT Architect Professional


The biggest distinguishing factor for the CITA-Professional certification is that it is validated by the community of practicing architects in the form of a professional association, rather than companies, vendors, or governments.  This method of certification has historically been the only successful process for professionalization, as can be documented by other professions, Doctors, Lawyers, Building Architects, etc.

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This CITA-P certification will enhance the credibility and capability of successful candidates and provide assurance to employers that CITA-Professionals are able to practice and lead large multimillion dollar projects and programs.


  • A minimum of 10 years in the industry as a practicing architect
  • Completion of the CITA-P documentation set (see overview manual)
  • 3-6 months of coach/mentoring sessions recommended (Iasa provided upon registration if one not already procured)
  • CITA-Associate level certification in specialization recommended

Exam Specifics

The CITA-P credential is achieved by passing a board of your peers who have obtained the CITA-P level or higher already. The actual board logistics follow this deployment:

2.5 hour review board session (scheduled after documentation and mentor assessment received)

a. 30 minute presentation given by candidate

b. 40 minute Q&A Session

c. 10 minute break

d. 40 minute final Q&A session

Board results conveyed within 48 hours of review board by Iasa.