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Digital transformation is more than just words in a strategy or the current buzzword. The visions we cast and execute upon today will likely dictate our organizations’ successes and survival in the future, and collectively shape the world in which we live. Many organizations are now in the midst of digital transformation, reimagining the products and customer experience they deliver from top to bottom. They are driving change in order to serve their customers when, where and how they demand, seamlessly across both digital channels and traditional ones.

While the need for digital transformation is well-known, the journey of how to get there is less clear. Organizations face a common set of challenges. To what extent do we reinvent ourselves? How do we imagine our products, our customer and our partners in 1, 3, 5 or 10 year’s time? What changes are driving our customer’s behavior? How do we get our arms around all of the business and IT changes necessary to realize our digital strategy and create a viable design? How do we get the organization to align around a common vision of the future? How do we prioritize and sequence all of the digital transformation initiatives and align them with the current portfolio? How do we become more adaptive to continual change in the future?

Business and IT architecture are fundamental to digital transformation. Architecture is about envisioning the future and making the decisions necessary to make the digital strategy real. It frames a coordinated set of initiatives, and creates organizational agility necessary to execute future strategies with increased speed. Whether your organization currently has a robust architecture or not, this Digital Transformation Master Class will fundamentally change your approach to transformation, innovation and a proven architecture practice which focuses on customer, business and practice. Whynde Kuehn and Paul Preiss, recognized leaders in business and technology architecture, constantly leveraging it to drive successful digital transformation, team up to provide a dynamic and hands-on class experience. You will learn a reusable approach for building and using architecture throughout digital transformation and then practice applying it to various case studies, giving you an actionable set of skills that you can take away.

Digital Transformation Master Class

BENEFITS OF ATTENDING • Gain new techniques, best practices and a repeatable approach to improve the success of your digital transformation • Learn creative ways to introduce architecture during digital transformation and earn a seat at the table • Gain hands-on experience applying new techniques to digital transformation case studies • Learn and share digital transformation practices and knowledge through conversation and networking with your peers and industry experts WHO SHOULD ATTEND This master class is targeted to all types of architects including enterprise, business, application, data and solution architects. It is also beneficial to other roles involved in digital transformation such as customer experience designers, planners and business analysts.

DISCUSSION TOPICS DAY ONE – NOVEMBER 2 • The Role of Architecture in Digital Transformation • Introducing Architecture Into the Digital Transformation Process • Building the Habits of a Digital Transformer • The Power of Partnerships: Business and Technology Architects and Interaction With Other Teams • Making Digital Transformation Real: An Approach for Applying Architecture from Strategy Through Execution • Putting the Approach Into Practice: Using Architecture for Digital Transformation • Day One Wrap Up DAY TWO – NOVEMBER 3 • Solving Architecture-Driven Digital Transformation Case Studies • Day Two Wrap Up

Cost of Master Class: $599

With Whynde Kuehn and Paul Preiss

ABOUT THE PRESENTERS WHYNDE KUEHN Whynde Kuehn is Principal of S2E Consulting Inc., a consulting firm accelerating successful business transformations, with a focus on Fortune 500 companies. She is also a Co-Founder and Partner of Business Architecture Associates and a Senior Consultant with Cutter Consortium. Ms. Kuehn is a long-time business architecture practitioner, educator and industry thought leader. She is a former practice leader and has developed business architecture for some of the largest business transformations in the world. Ms. Kuehn has extensive experience helping clients build their own business architecture practices and mentoring those practices towards maturity. She is a Co-founder, Board Member and Editorial Board Chair of the Business Architecture Guild®. Passionate about using business as a force for good and systematic change, Ms. Kuehn is also a Founder of Metanoia Global Inc., an organization that helps social entrepreneurs and social initiatives to start, scale, replicate and sustain.

PAUL PREISS Paul Preiss is the CEO and Founder of the IASA Global, one of the largest Enterprise and IT architect associations in the world. Through his time at IASA, Paul has taken the association from a single user group in Austin Texas to an international organization with chapters in over 25 countries. Paul’s vision is a unified architecture profession with effective education, credentials and ethics which fully supports corporate strategy and delivery. He is a tireless advocate for the field and speaks on topics ranging from architecture ethics to best the best setup and structure for architecture teams. Paul has spoken at hundreds of events as well as held conferences and training for architects all over the world. He is an expert software and enterprise architect in practice and continues to work with companies on optimizing their technology strategy.



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