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AMSTERDAM: This is a four day course that will give a solid foundation to Architects charged with building complex systems in the cloud. The course gives a new perspective and helps the Architect contribute effectively, even in agile scenarios, with concrete tools and techniques. Modern systems are experiencing massive increases in complexity. Together with constantly evolving cloud platforms, products, and the pressures brought about by digitization, it is getting harder and harder to deliver consistently. The course helps answer these challenges with a series of proven tools and techniques that have been honed over the last 10 years, with real world exercises and an aim to lift the Architect’s contribution to a new level. The course aims to provide the tools for Architects to deliver modern solutions, which will lead to simpler, faster deliveries, with better quality. More importantly, the course will provide a new vision of what Architecture is and how it can contribute to the challenges faced by organisations today. This can result in a revitalized and more purposeful Architect team.


Unlimited available