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Agile Modeling

Agile Modeling Agile modeling.....Agile modeling poster

Emergent Architecture

Emergent architecture and the value proposition Can architecture really emerge?  Some form, function and structure stuff here....

Product over Project

Product over Project A project is a way to organize work. However, in many organizations projects has become an end in itself.... What's the problem with projects then? There are mainly two reasons: The division between project and maintenance leads to "handover" and loss of knowledge The best way to maintain a software product is

Agile and Architect Roles

Agile and Architect Roles Discussing roles and responsibilities is always hard in an agile context. One of the principles of agile is self-organization where the number of roles should be kept low. In fact, agile advocates the idea of "generalizing specialists", where each individuals specialist skill is of less importance than the certain individuals ability

Agile Values and Principles

So you thought Agile was simple and easy? Ever heard that Agile and Scrum are the same thing? Perhaps that was your impression as well? This comprehensive illustration from Lynne Cazaly could possilby help in dispelling that myth: As you can see from the picture there's around 40 different agile methods or frameworks. They're all

Agile Business Case

Agile Business Case Working Page for the Engagement Model Working Group – All Materials are DRAFT. According to the DSDM Agile Project Framework an outline of an Agile Business Case might include a statement of: The business vision of success The scope and objectives of the proposed project High-level assumptions, dependencies and risk that may

10 Principles of Architect Team Success

Over the years I have continuously written and commented on the chasm that forms between architecture teams. After 15 years of learning from members and working with them on successes and failures we know there is a relatively simple set of mechanisms by which an architecture team can succeed almost every time. At Iasa we

Roles and personas mappings to SAFe

SAFe mappings Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe) is one of those fairly new agile scaling frameworks gaining ground today. SAFe is mainly for IT product development, actually there's no such thing as a "project" within the framework. SAFe adresses enterprise development from strategy to operations by adding four different levels to their "big picture" model. These

Lean and Agile Adoption

Why an Agile Engagement Model? Working Page for the Engagement Model Working Group – All Materials are DRAFT. A very short but basic definition of an engagement model is how we as architects interact and collaborate within an organization. And is there a better way to find inspiration regarding interaction and collaboration between people than