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Transforming a Legacy Application Into a Hybrid Cloud App: An Innovative Look

How an Enterprise can reshape their existing investment in their Infrastructure and take advantage of the cloud and SOA concept to build a world class Enterprise Solution.
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Connecting Business Architecture to Solution Architecture

Many organizations treat solution architecture as a application development or project delivery role. The reality however is much more complex.
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Architecture Is A Who Not A What

To be successful in any type of architecture initiative remember that a great architecture is a who and not a what.
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Creating Enterprise Value from Business Architecture

Understand how you can lead your enterprise towards its vision by planning for key Business Capabilities that will get you there
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Web application performance analysis

Identifying and addressing potential performance bottlenecks early in a project development life cycle will help save time, money and reduce stress and fatigue of software developers.
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Survival Kit of IT Architects in the 21st Century

What’s needed in the Survival Kit?
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Four Steps to Creating an Effective Open Source Policy

A policy is a set of rules and guidelines for using and managing OSS in your organization.
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Open Source is Enterprise Ready

Moving from Time Telling to Clock Building.
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