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How can I be successful implementing Microservices?

Posted on 5/22/2020
the more changes you make when adopting microservices the greater your chance of success


Customer Churn Prevention - Beyond The Obvious

Posted on 5/21/2020
Identify customers who are most likely to discontinue using a service or product


Application Security Principles throughout the Software Development Lifecycles

Posted on 10/11/2010
The goal is a baked-in security process from beginning to end that becomes repeatable and measurable.


Web application performance analysis

Posted on 10/11/2010
Identifying and addressing potential performance bottlenecks early in a project development life cycle will help save time, money and reduce stress and fatigue of software developers.


Transforming a Legacy Application Into a Hybrid Cloud App: An Innovative Look

Posted on 10/11/2010
How an Enterprise can reshape their existing investment in their Infrastructure and take advantage of the cloud and SOA concept to build a world class Enterprise Solution.


Introduction to Infrastructure Architecture

Posted on 10/11/2010
An introduction to a new branch of architecture that is urgently needed to support modern organizations, and needed to help architecture to mature as a whole.