Whynde Kuehn

Whynde Kuehn is the Founder and Managing Director of S2E Transformation Inc., and a long-time business architecture pioneer, practitioner, educator, author and recognized global thought leader. She is a Co-founder, Board Member, Editorial Board Chair and Academic Chair of the Business Architecture Guild®. She is also a Co-Founder and Partner of Business Architecture Associates, a Senior Consultant with Cutter Consortium and a Fellow with the Institute for Digital Transformation. Whynde has extensive experience in enterprise transformation and planning, and was a key architect and leader in one of the largest business transformations in the world. She also led one of the largest business architecture consulting practices. Whynde is known for helping clients build their own business architecture practices and mentoring those practices towards maturity and success. Among her contributions include creation of the online learning place Biz Arch Mastery, the StraightTalk business architecture blog, the Architecting For Good (A4G) initiative, and the development of community and advocacy for business architecture around the world. Leveraging her foundation of architecture, systems thinking and formal education in sustainability, Whynde focuses on architecting ecosystems that unlock new value and innovation, enabling thriving and sustainable societies. She is also passionate about applying solid business approaches and technology to enable non-profits, social enterprises and cross-sector social initiatives achieve their missions, with a focus on Africa and emerging nations.

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