Vishal Choksi

Vishal is a passionate technology leader and awarded Chief architect with more than 20 years of ICT experience in business and enterprise architecture, product management, DevOps and agile software engineering. In his current role as Business Architect at BMC Software, Vishal collaborates with leading financial services and Telco's to develop experience-driven business capability and supporting enterprise architecture which is aligned to business value and outcomes. In his role of Head of Architecture at Metricon Homes, Vishal led digital transformation initiatives that enabled 3X growth of this business both in staff and revenue. Prior to Metricon Homes, Vishal held executive line management positions and led IT transformation programs at Telstra, Trading post, Austock Life and Fairfax media. Vishal brings a different perspective, having been the executive, EA and being accountable for the success of the technology vision and business outcomes in his previous organisations. His passion is to work with organisations to connect their strategy to execution through alignment of business objectives and technology enablers to achieve business and customer outcomes. Outside of the office, Vishal enjoys spending time in nature with his family. He also enjoys running, triathlon, playing snooker and building a thriving community. He does that by contributing, speaking, participating in various technology community summit, user groups, forums and events.

Upcoming Events
Architect Core - Online September 2020 09/01/2020
Solution Architecture - Online September 2020 09/02/2020