Neil Mulholland

Neil Mulholland is the CEO and Principal Architect of Enterprise Blueprints, an architecture and technology consulting business specialising in financial services. He has spent over twenty-five years working with technology and has built a deep understanding of practical architecture focused on business outcomes. He is helping organisations transform their teams and technology to adopt Cloud with simple approaches that deliver real business value.
Neil is passionate about using a collaborative approach to architecture that focuses on communication and consensus building to deliver the best outcomes for an organisation. He prefers honest, forthright discussions to help build consensus and align everyone on a shared vision of the future. Neil’s love of eating out leads him to be an avid cyclist and jogger in his spare time, but his focus is building the best architecture team in the industry that can solve the most difficult of challenges using pragmatic solutions that deliver real business value for Enterprise Blueprints’ clients.

Upcoming Events
Architect Core - Online September 2020 09/01/2020
Solution Architecture - Online September 2020 09/02/2020