Mina Frost

Mina is a global legal expert with 20 years’ experience advising healthcare organizations on legal issues and calculated risk-taking including: agile risk management, good governance, and ethical design thinking. She has dedicated her career to partnering with healthcare organizations to move forward, create value, and ultimately help patients. Mina is an accomplished problem solver who helps companies to move fast while avoiding the mistakes that hold others back. Mina is a US qualified lawyer, based in London, and has led teams and corporate risk strategy at pharmaceutical companies, GSK and Abbott Laboratories, through the development and deployment of their comprehensive risk and compliance programs – including being the first Chief Privacy Officer at both companies. She also established the Global Risk Office at GSK, moving the company towards integrated compliance programs that were business-focussed, effective, and proportionate. Immediately, prior to launching her own consultancy, Mina was Vice President of Digital Risk at GSK, focused on promoting smart and compliant risk-taking as the company pivoted to digital led drug discovery and healthcare.