Michael Clark

Mike Clark is an experienced visionary leader and delivery focused strategist with a proven track record in creating and designing global businesses, to solve real-world business and society challenges, enabling organisations to continue to play a relevant role in business and society.

Mike has a deep focus on leveraging current and future technologies for the benefits of business, whilst being able to consider the impact on people. Has a comprehensive background in shaping and bringing innovative products to market against challenging timelines. Brings a unique combination of practical experience and a 360-holistic business and market awareness. Has an understanding of the practicalities of running and managing a business, having worked across a variety of roles, responsible for sales, business change, strategy, right through to bringing products to market. This comprehensive and cohesive business, technology and market background provides a great awareness of the true impact of decisions for a business, its people and broader society.

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Solution Architecture - Stockholm11/09/2020
Integration - Online NOVEMBER 202011/24/2020