Joe Early

It is an honor to be considered as part of the panel for this discussion and look forward to sharing my experience in support of the topics of the day. Machine Learning and AI have served critical roles in my time as a warfighter, program manager, and now through my journey leading an organization through Digital transformation. As a perpetual learner, I look forward to experiencing this event as a panel member and as an observer of the many professionals we will hear from.

Currently, I serve as the Chief Digital and Chief Data Officer of the F-35 Joint Program Office, within the Office of Chief Information Officer. We are in the early stages of digital transformation, establishing a business model around our people, processes, and technology. Data is a critical enabler for an operational backbone, where I also carry the flag to work closely with industry partners to put in place critical data infrastructure that will allow the organization to move towards industry best practices for achieving digitization, at scale.

As a Naval Flight Officer, I flew aboard the U.S. Navy’s E-2C Hawkeye as Mission Commander, working with surface and airborne assets to assert air supremacy over a given battlespace. After supporting warfighting operations for 7 years, primarily on the West Coast, my journey took me to operational testing the Navy’s newest technology aboard the E-2D in Patuxent River, MD.

Once transitioned from Active Duty to the U.S. Navy Reserves, opportunities brought me to the F-35 Joint Program Office, supporting implementation of the software strategy during one of the program’s many modernization initiatives. The initiative had greatest impact was the Mad Hatter Project where I was the F-35 Lead during the first year of the project. Over this time, we worked to develop a replacement for the F-35’s Maintenance System known as ALIS. The struggles eventually gave way to triumph as we broke the monolith, replaced the big ball of mud, and establish a base software product that will be used for the future of the F-35, F-22, V-22, and many more platforms into the future.

It is a pleasure to be here today and to work with leading technologists to create a better future for all of our partners around the globe.