Dennis Mulder

Dennis Mulder is the Chief Architect for Azure at Microsoft in The Netherlands. With 20+ years global experience in enterprise software systems, Dennis is an experienced solutions architect with a strong focus on Cloud Computing. He started working with Azure before the name of Azure was publicly known and worked closely with large scale deployments. Currently Dennis is leading tech strategy (“CTO”) for Microsoft Azure in the Netherlands and is part of the Customer Success Unit (50+ Architects) of which he is the most experienced Architect and part of the Azure Management Team. As a Certified IT Architect Practitioner (CITA-P) he is typically leveraged as a sponsor from Microsoft towards customers Chief Architects Office and CTO/CIO organizations working on innovative business solutions.

Upcoming Events
Architect Core - Online September 2020 09/01/2020
Solution Architecture - Online September 2020 09/02/2020