Darryl Carr

Darryl Carr is a professional Architect with substantial experience accumulated over 30 years in IT and related disciplines. In his early career, he had extensive experience in applications development, and have gone on to have significant involvement in business liaison roles, the design of enterprise scale solutions and the development of strategic roadmaps.
Through his various roles, he developed skills that extend across team leadership, project management, and business transformation. He managed both small and large projects, and has provided Solution and Enterprise Architecture competencies. Additionally, he is heavily involved in fostering worldwide EA communities of practice through activities such as special interest groups, webinars, conferences, and specialist publications.
His strengths are in architectural thinking, procedure improvement, understanding of governance processes, alignment of business with IT and providing advisory services. He is an exceptional problem solver in complex business environments involving multiple systems and business units. These abilities have resulted in high levels of trust from the various business, vendor and IT stakeholders that he has worked with over the years.

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