Aaron Tan Dani

Aaron Tan Dani, Chairman, IASA Asia Pacific / Chief Architect, ATD Solution
Aaron Tan Dani has a strong passion in the IT Architecture related field as he believes that only with proper understanding and implementation of the IT Architecture blueprint IT will bring maximum values to the business. To drive this forward, he founded and heavily involved in setting up and leading IASA Chapters across Asia Pacific countries since 2004. With more than 20 years experience in start-up companies, MNCs, government, ISV, manufacturing, logistics, transportation, consulting, FMGC, FSI and setting up NGO bodies, Aaron shares his professional knowledge across Asia Pacific, the US and UK. Aaron is a frequent public speaker in various Industry Conferences; Seminars & Workshops presenting various IT & Business related topics across Asia Pacific regions.

Upcoming Events
Architect Core - Online September 2020 09/01/2020
Solution Architecture - Online September 2020 09/02/2020