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The Web Summit Community provides Iasa Full Members a focused area to discuss and collaborate on the latest topics from our series of web summits.  Our quarterly, 24-hour on-line web summits provide the latest thinking from leading speakers. All the speakers and their content (presentations, recordings) is available to members of this community.  You can ask questions and start discussions to continue the Web Summit experience after the sessions.  Here is the Editorial Calendar for upcoming topics:

30-Jul 29-Oct 28-Jan-2021
The New Digital Economy: A better normal? Radical Innovation:  Digital Lives: Living the Dream or the Nightmare
Panel Session(s) Startup Scene Risk and Compliance 
Futurists Incubators Reimagining business ecosystems
Career Advice  Research and Development The Digital Twin
Virtualised Teams The Digital Advantage Architecture for Good
Big Argument - Invest or Save
AFG: Bringing Safety to Complex Systems

Iasa Global hosts the Web Summit community for active members.  When logged in, go to the Web Summit community home page to see all of the latest activity, access the Web Summit content and subscribe to Blogs and Announcements to keep up to date with the discussions.