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Accelerate Agile Developments with a Just-In-Time Architecture




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Questions asked and comments from the Webinar:

  • What does Emergent Architecture 'look like'?  I hear leaders who like to use the term (translation='we need to design faster').  However these are just words.  What are examples of how the artifacts and processes change?
  • Do you see a difference in adoption of the advice provided for technology platforms/capabilities and business capabilities/platforms?
  • How do you add the right level of governance to ensure that compliance concerns (part of Intentional Architecture) are addressed at appropriate releases with go-no go decisions?
    emergent architecture iterations need to be tied to customer features to gain traction in an agile environment.
  • What is PI planning? 
  • A quick, but informative, well-structured and illustrated presentation. Thanks.



Accelerate agile developments with a just-in-time architecture

COVID-19 has forced many companies to build back their business more resiliently, but many do not know how to do so. IT architects can help strengthen resiliency by teaming with Agile development teams to optimize productivity. Without intentional architecture, emergent design alone cannot handle the complexity of large-scale system development. This results in excessive redesign and delays, development silos and lack of collaboration, no economies-of-scale and reuse of common components, and difficulty to integrate all the developments of the same project. If a company is constantly revisiting and reworking agile products, it is certainly not optimizing enough to be resilient.

This webinar will provide practical insights to help IT architects strengthen resiliency by:
• Using a gardening mindset (prepare, tend, grow) to team with Agile development teams
• Understanding how to establish defined trade-offs between intentional architecture with emergent design
• Using a “just-in-time” architectural runway to provide the guardrails for Agile development teams (and ensure optimal product design and usefulness)

Senior Product Marketing Manager, MEGA International

Gabriel Gomane leads product marketing at MEGA International, focusing primarily on digital transformation and enterprise architecture. He has held various positions in product management and product marketing in technology companies in Europe and the United States. He holds an MBA from HEC Paris and a BSc in mechanical engineering from Grenoble INP.