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Architecting for Global Good: The Role of Business and Technology

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Submission Deadline: September 25th 2020

19th November 2020



The theme for our 19th November 24-hour event is Architecting for Global Good: The Role of Business and Technology. A confluence of events, drivers, trends and shifting perspectives point to new ways of leveraging business and technology for the global good. The coexistence of profit and purpose is proving to be a reality, climate action plans and sustainability concerns have moved up on the business agenda, and with continued shifts from shareholder focus to stakeholder focus, the very purpose of business is being revisited. But make no mistake, these efforts are not all about doing good for the sake of doing good – they have real business benefits. This includes new market opportunities, greater long-run shareholder profits, more customers and increased loyalty, supply chain reliability, better employee retention and attraction, public goodwill, and business longevity to name just a few.

Together we are all architecting our future world every day. The intent of our November BIL-T conference is to bring together futurists, thought leaders, business and technology leaders, architects, designers and other world-changers to have critical conversations on these important topics and to envision a world that we all want to live in and leave for the next generations. With a focus on the role of business and technology, we will explore the big questions such as: As one of the most powerful mechanisms for change, what should the role of businesses be in serving stakeholders and even driving greater societal change? How can technology solve some of the world’s greatest challenges? How can architecture make these ideas a reality? What is our role as individuals in this change?

If you feel your session will add value to our audience, please be as specific as possible when you send us an email. To submit please send us your title, abstract, bio and picture to by Friday, September 25, 2020.
Example topics include:
  • Research, predictions, visions and perspectives on topics such as the evolving role of business from shareholder focus to stakeholder focus, shifting for-profit and non-profit business models, the role of meaning in the future of work, sustainability, achieving the UN Sustainable Development Goals, environmental and social macro trends, etc.
  • Leveraging business and technology for good to solve problems and meet humanity’s needs
  • The opportunity for and role of cross-sector collaborations
  • Designing for sustainability and resilience
  • Measurement and transparency for sustainability (people, planet, profit) and stakeholder-focused reporting
  • Ethics, transparency, privacy, the future of governance and other considerations
  • Case studies on organizations that have successfully combined profit and results with purpose and sustainability
  • The role of cross-disciplinary collaboration and the role of business and IT architecture in facilitating and enabling all the above
  • How business and technology professionals can leverage their day job skills to give back
  • And much more…



The Business Innovation Leadership and Technology (BIL-T) conference series is a place for global conversations and debate on big picture perspectives and how to make a better future for our organizations. The event covers a wide range of relevant and visionary topics and brings together the people who are designing the future: architects, business and technology leaders, futurists and other world changers.

We hold 24-hour virtual events at least twice per year, delivered through a variety of formats including keynotes, locknotes, motivational and leadership talks, interviews, fireside chats, panels, debates, lectures and educational sessions.

This is an event you want to stay up for.

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Conference Committee

Darryl Carr
Editor of the Enterprise Architecture Professional Journal
Brice Ominski
An integration architecture thought leader and CITA-Professional
Whynde Kuehn
Founder and Managing Director, S2E Transformation Inc.
Paul Preiss
CEO and Founder
Iasa Global

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