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… and thanks for being a member. And welcome to our new Iasa Membership site where you can Learn, Connect and Transform your knowledge and practice of IT Architecture.

We are the premier association focused on the IT architecture profession through the advancement of best practices and education while delivering programs and services to IT architects of all levels around the world. Iasa has created the world's first and only ITABoK (IT Architecture Body of Knowledge) that contains 250 skill sets that are critical for every Business and IT professional to possess in order to deliver strategic values of technology for the business.

Established in 2002, Iasa is an international, non-profit business association dedicated to the advancement and sharing of issues related to software architecture in the enterprise, product, education and government sectors. We are committed to improving the quality of the IT architecture industry by developing and delivering standards, education programs and developing accreditation programs and services that optimize the development of architecture profession. 

Mission Statement

Iasa is the preeminent knowledge-based association focused on the IT architecture profession through the advancement of best practices and education while delivering programs and services to develop highly qualified IT architects of all levels.  Iasa will rely on the following objectives in order to obtain our goals:

  • Education
  • Knowledge
  • Advocacy
  • Ethics
  • Values

By exploring and interacting, Iasa will help you stay current, normalize your language for enhanced communication and collaboration, develop your analytic thinking and active questioning, as well as encourage your challenger profile.  Iasa sees Architects increasingly recognized as digital change agents, drivers of design thinking and improving the quality of stakeholder relationships.

We really want this to be a conversation; give us your feedback or take a minute to tell us why did you join and what are you looking for. Contact us at contactus@iasaglobal.org

Thanks again and look forward to hearing from you.

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Solution Architecture - Online January 202101/11/2021
Integration - Online JANUARY 202101/24/2021