A Study of Innovation


By Phil Wheat Phil Wheat and his innovative shopping cart technology that will revolutionize the retail industry. This automated shopping cart technology is the perfect solution for people with disabilities, severe allergies, or those who like to stay ahead of the technology game.

Are You an Accidental or Intentional Architect?

By Randy Ynchausti The first step in preparing for capability on demand is to set up for capacity on demand, but this can only occur after a CIO gets the IT house in order operationally. An IT organization that cannot manage operations effectively because it lacks understanding of costs relating to business performance and outcomes will

Iasa Center of Excellence

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A center of excellence in architecture must be based on coordinating and leading the engagement model for all architecture related activities throughout the enterprise with a focus on value. Iasa's focus on connected skilled architects as the only focus of an architecture program fundamentally shifts the focus from framework to staff. It answers the question