Introduction to Enterprise Architecture and TOGAF 9.1

by: Santos Pardo Santos Pardos nos dará una visión general a TOGAF. Durante 2 horas, Santos nos introducirá al mundo de The Open Group Architecture Framework (TOGAF), ese marco de trabajo de Arquitectura Empresarial que muchos escuchamos hablar. Nos contará el enfoque propuesto para el diseño, planificación, implementación y gobierno de una arquitectura empresarial de

Business Architecture and Future Enterprises


By: Badar Munir Since 1990s, Paradigm shifts in global economy are being witnessed. These shifts are influenced by multiple factors such as digitization, globalization, emergence of new social interaction platforms, changes in customer behaviors, disruptive technologies and emerging markets.  

Iasa Center of Excellence

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A center of excellence in architecture must be based on coordinating and leading the engagement model for all architecture related activities throughout the enterprise with a focus on value. Iasa's focus on connected skilled architects as the only focus of an architecture program fundamentally shifts the focus from framework to staff. It answers the question