A Firm’s Competitive Strategy Starts with its Value Proposition Described by its Value Chain Model

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By Donald Jess This value proposition and required capabilities can be identified using the Strategic Capability Networks. The capabilities must be in alignment with a consistent Enterprise Operations Model with regard to the extent of business process integration and standardization. Capabilities execution is enabled by a portfolio of underlying enabling services. The capability the enabling

Domain-Driven Design


By: Cesar De la Torre Llorente Iasa is proud to introduce Cesar De la Torre Llorente, from Microsoft, to present at the Microsoft Civica on September 18, 2014 on Domain-Driven Design: Architecting and designing Mission-Critical and Core-Domain enterprise applications.

Gabriel Morgan Interview


Our very own Paul Preiss, sits down for an in-depth interview with Gabriel Morgan the Director of Enterprise Architect and Strategic Planning at REI. Paul Preiss: The thing I'd like to focus on today, Gabriel, is your role and vision as a Director of Enterprise Architect and Strategic Planning at REI, with that being such

The Architectural System

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By Gabriel Morgan Realizing an enterprise architecture plan has a lot to do with establishing the right kind of “Architecture System” in your organization.  Every company is different, so I don’t want to make the following sound as if it’s a law of nature. Rather, I thought I would share how we’re approaching this issue

Capabilities Guidebook: Business Valuation


By: Board of Education Description: Business valuation of technology is the process of systematic assessment of tangible and intangible value anticipated and arising from investments in information technology. It is the capability of determining how and when to invest in particular technology directions and how to manage the overall portfolio of technology investments. Business valuation