Open Source is Enterprise Ready – “Moving from Time Telling to Clock Building”

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by Bhagvan Kommadi Once purely academic, open source is now enterprise ready. We have begun to see many customers build enterprise-specific platforms by choosing open source components during the architectural design process. Such projects in telecom, banking, financial services and insurance have begun to demystify "the myth of reuse" by using open source components selectively. As

Ethical Rules for Failed Projects

By: Scott Andersen I’ve posted a number of ethics questions and topics here on the IASA blog over the past 6 months. Recently I got an interesting question that I have been thinking about since I got it. It’s kind of delayed my regular posting as I thought about it. “What is the ethical response to

Enterprise Architects & Digital Investment Management


By: Mike Gruia Today’s Enterprise Architects (EAs) must do more than simply define and enforce technology standards. Those who don’t adapt and focus their energies on business outcomes risk becoming irrelevant. When the EA and PMO are integrated and work closely and effectively together, the organization’s ability to execute on its business strategy increases dramatically. EAs

Gabriel Morgan Interview

Our very own Paul Preiss, sits down for an in-depth interview with Gabriel Morgan the Director of Enterprise Architect and Strategic Planning at REI. Paul Preiss: The thing I'd like to focus on today, Gabriel, is your role and vision as a Director of Enterprise Architect and Strategic Planning at REI, with that being such

Customers, Customers, Customers—Keep Them Coming Back


By:  Mike Vincent Personalization This morning I’m meeting with Bob Kelly, our marketing director, and David Campbell, a new software architect on our team, to review progress on a web improvement project for expanding accessory sales in our increasingly competitive market place. Adventure Works is the nation’s second largest bicycle internet and retail company. Bob