Understanding Identity and Trust in a Cognitive IoT World

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As the juggernaut of IoT and Cognitive Computing continues it is becoming evident that we will need a much more robust Identity solution than the ones we currently have. A large part of this is due to the fact that systems are more and more interacting with each other and invoking actions on behalf of

Open Source is Enterprise Ready – “Moving from Time Telling to Clock Building”

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by Bhagvan Kommadi Once purely academic, open source is now enterprise ready. We have begun to see many customers build enterprise-specific platforms by choosing open source components during the architectural design process. Such projects in telecom, banking, financial services and insurance have begun to demystify "the myth of reuse" by using open source components selectively. As

Meta Data Driven Architecture

Introduction Typical Enterprise re-architecture efforts targets moving from Legacy platform to new generation Platform and changing the functionality of how state managed in the system. The goal is to provide extensibility/flexibility/scalability/pluggability in the architecture so that the target system is suitable for customizations/maintenance. Figure 1 - Layered Architecture based on .Net Approach: The approach taken

From the Field: Escaping Appland

By Michael “Monty” Montgomery Abstract: Empower your teams to build for the future and finally escape Appland once and for all by taking cues from The Cloud Builders, as well as, seasoned systems experts. Applanders Based on my observations from the field, I regret to inform you that many, if not all, of your

Customers, Customers, Customers—Keep Them Coming Back

By Mike Vincent Personalization This morning I’m meeting with Bob Kelly, our marketing director, and David Campbell, a new software architect on our team, to review progress on a web improvement project for expanding accessory sales in our increasingly competitive market place. Adventure Works is the nation’s second largest bicycle internet and retail company. Bob