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Becoming Digital Transformers

There is a lot of fear and uncertainty in our profession right now, and rightly so. The architecture practice, especially the enterprise architecture, of the past 10-15 years is dead. I am reasonably certain that architecture never actually lived, just wandered around companies like zombies looking for brains. "Architecting the enterprise" and governance thinking from EA

Iasa December eSummit – Adaptable Design Up Front

Click HERE to download presentation PDF by Hayim Makabee This talk tries to answer the question: “How much Design Up Front should be done in an Agile project?” Hayim presents his approach of Adaptable Design Up Front (ADUF), describing it’s rationale, applications in practice and comparison to other approaches such as Emergent Design. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Hayim

Iasa December eSummit – PopcornFlow:Continuous evolution through ultra-rapid experimentation

Click HERE to download presentation PDF by Claudio Peronne Agile is about rapid evolution, not mindless conformance to popular methodology "ceremonies". If you had perfect architectures, perfect processes, perfect organizations, perfect customers... you would not need Agile at all. At its core, Agile recognizes the complexity of our world and wisely suggests to embrace change